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We are fully aware that continued success grows through the provision of superior services

It is worthy of the level required by the society always striving for development, so we have been keen since 2001 in seeking to implement innovative and smart methods and solutions that contribute to the development and construction of society according to foundations that keep pace with the development and progress of the times.

As the contracting sector in the Arab Republic of Egypt is witnessing rapid growth, and an increase in the demand for specialized and qualified companies to implement a number of large projects, and such works require high professionalism and efficiency in achievement that we distinguish in Atlas General Contracting, where our commitment to quality and attention to the smallest details of all The levels enabled us to continuously achieve advanced results.

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“Atlas Integrated Contracting Company” seeks to expand its activities to include various areas of community building and contribute to the development clearly in the permanent and tireless pursuit to emulate the different needs of society and consolidate the principle of development and construction and effective participation in our mission towards development. It is here that the future is built.

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I offer our valued visitors and customers our deepest gratitude for their support and trust

And we always pledge to them that we will continue to work wholeheartedly in order to achieve the goals and mission of the company and achieve more successes, and I would like to thank the members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Management and all the employees of the company for their sincere efforts and their hard work, wishing everyone continued success and repayment and more success.


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